Running out of time

The Rochester City School District has less than two months to formally respond to Distinguished Educator Jaime Aquino’s call for change. If there is no meeting of minds, the district could face a state takeover or cede control to the mayor.

Steps forward by schools in receivership

Nine Rochester schools in receivership have met targets set by the state Department of Education, showing signs of improvement. In the receivership program, management of schools whose students have failed to meet minimum standards set by the state is put under control of a specially appointed receiver.

Rochester Beacon plans inaugural event on economy

The Rochester Beacon 2019 Economic Forecast Forum will be hosted by the College at Brockport’s Institute for Poverty Studies and Economic Development. Panelists will discuss the state of the economy in Rochester and throughout New York, the legislative outlook in Albany, and the key challenges and opportunities for the coming year.

The downfall of Alain Kaloyeros

Alain Kaloyeros was sentenced today to three and a half years in prison for his role in a bid rigging scheme. Lauded for his ability to develop alliances and create jobs, his plans fell short on several counts.

Behind bars, parents work to build a family bond

For the last 12 years, through her nonprofit, New York State Literary Center, Dale Davis has helped inmates at the Monroe Correctional Facility in Brighton become more engaged with their community, and with their families, through reading and writing.

A pioneer in the circular economy

Rochester has a rich history as a leader in sustainable manufacturing. But are we doing enough to tout local research and innovations in the field?

Greenwashing spins sustainability

It’s not easy being green—but it can be tempting to fake it. Regulators take a dim view of greenwashing, disinformation put out by an organization to present an environmentally responsible public image.