Poverty is killing us

Financial stress drives health inequities that undermine wellness and increase early mortality more than any other single cause. In our region, the toll in added health care expenses and lost economic productivity tops $1 billion annually.

Brock sets his exit from RMAPI

The founding executive director of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative plans to step down in June after five years at the helm.

The view from inside Kodak

Chief Technical Officer Terry Taber joined Kodak in 1980, as its Rochester employment peaked. Though its local staff today is dramatically reduced, Taber sees plenty of opportunity for Kodak to continue to innovate.

The ‘winner-take-most’ economy

Fewer than a half-dozen ‘superstar’ tech hubs today account for nearly all innovation-sector job growth—and Rochester is not one of them. But with help from Washington, could our region become a future star?

It’s a wonderful week

Community is at the heart of the 1947 classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Starting this weekend, Rochesterians will be able to experience the film through theatrical screenings, plays, and festivals.

A young leader on a fast track

Chamber of Commerce manager Adrian Hale, a former speed skater and Marine, turned down high-paying corporate jobs to help tackle some of Rochester’s toughest challenges.

Profiles of Kodak’s progeny

More than 7,000 Rochester-area residents currently work for independent firms with a Kodak connection. Their stories demonstrate the variety of ways a successful employer can influence the business environment.