Fighting back

A local case involving a Brighton day spa is part of a broader trend of resistance to non-compete and non-disclosure pacts that try to bind lower-wage workers to their employers.

What went wrong at Kodak?

The company’s decline was not inevitable, but successfully adapting to film’s obsolescence was a daunting challenge that bedeviled a series of CEOs.

An open letter of solidarity

A group of Rochester-based Muslim and Jewish activists believe our diverse communities will have true safety only when we all band together against the rising tides of violence, here and across the globe.

The decade ahead

Most community leaders and readers who participated in a Rochester Beacon survey expressed optimism about the prospects for our region over the next 10 years. The No. 1 challenge? Reducing poverty.

Rochester’s soft landing

Kodak’s downsizing and restructuring did not devastate the local economy. A number of Kodak workers continued in the same jobs, but with a different employer. Others became entrepreneurs or bolstered the ranks of established firms.

The facts on the New York State budget

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduces his Executive Budget proposal, how will he propose to close the projected $6.1 billion budget gap. By controlling spending, not new taxes.