5 thoughts on “Autonomous vehicles: The revolution is upon us

  1. Lots of great insights here. I might suggest that the available two car garages will quickly be filled with “stuff”. Perhaps this entire trend will have some impact on the mini-storage business as a result?

    • ” the available two car garages will quickly be filled with “stuff”.”

      Mine already is…. In our neighborhood, virtually every house with a two-car garage has at least one car in the driveway; some have two (or more) cars in the driveway with the garage completely given over to stuff (or a man-cave). I don’t think the storage business has anything to fear; any space freed up will get filled up and we’ll keep going.

  2. Saying that your car is used only 3% of the time doesn’t really give us much insight into how easy it will be to convert to shared autonomous vehicles. The challenge is that large numbers of people all use their cars the same 3% of the time. So how confident are you going to be that Autonomous Uber will actually send a car to pick you up when you want it?

    On the other hand, a huge benefit of AVs will likely be transportation for people who can’t drive. My father just gave up driving; while my mother can drive him, that ties her up, and of course many seniors are unmarried, so they don’t have an obvious chauffeur. He doesn’t have a lot of need to travel at rush hour, so he’d easily be able to use an AV during non-peak times. Many seniors probably drive longer than they should; easy AV availability may make it easier for them to consider handing over the keys, since it would no longer mean a loss of autonomy.

  3. Autonomous vehicles…the answer to a question that was never asked.

    Personally, I like to drive, so I would never want a self-driving vehicle. Instead of going to fully autonomous, why not just continue on the current path of ever improving vehicle safety with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and speeds limited by roadside beacons.

    Maybe when people become fed up with the autonomous vehicles, they will take control of their transportation with bicycles.

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