Why digital disparity persists

The “digital divide” is not defined solely by geography. Income matters too. State-of-the-art infrastructure will not bring broadband access to those who cannot afford it.

Simon’s STEM advantage

The newly revamped MBA curriculum at the UR graduate business school has received Program of the Year honors for offering a science, technology, engineering and math designation in every area of specialization.

A mixed picture on suspensions

East High School has seen a sharp reduction in suspensions. Still, a racial divide exists within the Rochester City School District which suspends minority students at significantly higher rates than statewide averages.

An educational asset at risk

International students enrolled at UR, RIT and other local schools boost these institutions and the local economy. But changes in immigration policies could prompt foreign students to study in other countries or return to their native lands.

Running out of time

The Rochester City School District has less than two months to formally respond to Distinguished Educator Jaime Aquino’s call for change. If there is no meeting of minds, the district could face a state takeover or cede control to the mayor.

Steps forward by schools in receivership

Nine Rochester schools in receivership have met targets set by the state Department of Education, showing signs of improvement. In the receivership program, management of schools whose students have failed to meet minimum standards set by the state is put under control of a specially appointed receiver.

RIT’s decisive moment

This year marks a half-century since RIT relocated from downtown to Henrietta. What began as a move born of necessity paved the way to realize a more modern, progressive vision for the institute.