To STEM or not to STEM? That is not the question

Science, technology, engineering and math students should actively pursue non-STEM coursework just as much as non-STEM students should engage deeply in the STEM disciplines. Incorporating synthesis and analysis is key to a well-rounded college education.

RCSD unearths budget woes

An internal audit discovered some overspending, the Rochester City School District Board of Education says. The impact of these preliminary findings is not clear.

A closer look at student performance in city schools

Within upstate urban school districts, there are relatively large differences between the best- and worst-performing schools. In Rochester, some charter schools—but not all—outperform those operated by school districts.

RCSD upbeat over court victory, state response

A court decision scratching the city’s plans to place a non-binding referendum before voters and the state education commissioner’s somewhat positive response have given the school board reason to be optimistic. Still, challenges remain.

Let’s not abandon high academic standards

Recent calls for improving graduation rates by eliminating state-run exit exams are misguided. A high school diploma is meaningless if it doesn’t prepare students for what comes next.

A step toward an RCSD special-ed settlement

A class-action lawsuit filed this month could provide a path to bringing the city school district’s out-of-compliance special education program into line with federal and state requirements.