RIT aims to be a cyber defense leader

Endowed executive director Steve Hoover says the university’s Global Cybersecurity Institute, slated to open next year, will boost the Rochester brand in technology and help draw businesses and talent to the region.

Our city of immigrants

The foreign born are inseparable from Rochester’s history and identity. And they could be key to revitalizing a city that has seen both people and jobs migrate elsewhere.

Our comment policy is changing. Here’s why.

Starting next week, we will require commenters to use their full, real names. Our goal is to keep the Beacon open to as many voices as possible, while removing anonymity, which generally does not promote thoughtful, responsible comment.

The experience of war through a different lens

“First Light,” an exhibit of photography and writing by women combat veterans in Rochester, explores their stories and gives voice to a largely unacknowledged segment of the community.

Imagining Rochester in 2034 and beyond

For the last decade, the Rochester Speculative Literature Association has nurtured visions of the city’s future. Its members—whose works span fantasy, science fiction and horror fiction—write stories about Rochester that ask “what if?”

Connecting through art

The visual art community in Rochester is launching Current Seen, a small-and-midsize venue biennial designed as a contiguous string of exhibitions, pop-ups, and public art along East Avenue and Main Street downtown. The program’s theme: our current moment/our changing city.

The question to ask about the ‘new’ Gannett

Newspapers first ventured online almost a quarter-century ago. Why are nearly all still struggling to find a digital news model that works—and can the merged Gannett-New Media operations crack the code?