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Setting the record straight: a very distorted ‘news’ report about the Take It Down Planning Committee / Faith Community Alliance Coalition/RMSC unprecedented, authentic, effective, anti-racist education program

By Howard Eagle | May 15, 2023

A recent Rochester Beacon article about an anti-racist education program that Take it Down Planning Committee/Faith Community Alliance Coalition developed in conjunction with the Rochester Museum and Science Center is quite distorted and has a crystal-clear, right-wing-slant. Read the letter.

Moving forward with and to equity

By Bill Wynne | May 2, 2023

Most people want to avoid difficult conversations about how to “move from” the horrors of the dreadful, prevailing poverty and racism. A “moving forward” antiracism conversation offers a more hopeful possibility. Read the letter.

Bhutan’s dark secret: human rights violations continue

By Bijaya Khadka | May 1, 2023

Tens of thousands of Bhutanese citizens—including more than 15,000 Bhutanese Americans who live in the Rochester area—have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution and discrimination by the Bhutanese government. Read the letter.

Rochester Music Hall of Fame strays from promised mission

By Michael J. Nighan | March 6, 2023

When established in 2011, the Rochester Music Hall of Fame aimed to recognize artists with ties to Rochester who contributed to musical excellence. However, after its charter class 12 years ago, no additional artist performances have been inducted into the Hall. Read the letter.

Climate change implications for upstate and Rochester

By Frank Orienter | Feb. 15, 2023

It is prudent to behave as if the changing climate and subsequent dangerous weather patterns are human activity caused. Read the letter.

RCSD Education: thoughts on suspension

By Frank Orienter | Feb. 14, 2023

Children that violate a well-articulated code of conduct shouldn’t be removed from the school setting first because some students may desire to not be in school. Read the letter

Ongoing issues prevail at the Pines of Perinton after last year’s devastating fire

By Bill Wynne | Feb. 4, 2023

The Town and many in the Perinton/Fairport community did a great job in responding to last year’s crisis as a result of the Pines of Perinton fire but the many issues impacting the lives of the families and the children who live there remain unresolved. Read the letter.

Rochester K-12 education: What do I need this ‘stuff’ for anyway?
By Josh Jochem Porte | Jan. 30, 2023
The RCSD has failed urban Rochester kids for decades. It shows them nothing during their education journey yet expect them to be enthused, responsive and stay the course. Read the letter.

Rochester K-12 education: Our school children need ‘urgent care’ just like a fallen football player
By Harry S. Pearle | Jan. 30, 2023
We pour millions and billions of dollars into education. But too many children are still not graduating, still not succeeding in life. Read the letter.

Nursing homes are in financial crisis: Our seniors deserve better
By Members of the Alliance for Senior Care | Jan. 21, 2023
New York is dead last in what it reimburses nursing homes compared to actual costs. Read the letter.