Welding workshop creates joyful experience

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I wanted to share my recent experience at a Women’s Welding Workshop at Ironwood Studios in Springwater, NY. Under the expert guidance of local sculptress and owner/founder Stacey Mrva, the Workshop was defined by intentionality, hospitality, and empowerment.

From Stacey’s meticulously planned projects to her masterful class sequencing, the Workshop seamlessly combined creativity and skill-building. Stacey’s hospitality extended beyond the studio, with a delicious farm-to-table lunch and a tour of her charming barn and farmhouse.

The empowering atmosphere Stacey created for us encouraged creative liberty in a “mansplaining-free” environment. The Workshop served as a reset for me. It was a treat to come away with a unique piece of art I’d made myself, along with a newfound confidence in handling power tools.

Stacey’s attention to detail, personalized approach, and commitment to a supportive community made the Women’s Welding Workshop personally transformative. I highly recommend it to women who are seeking an authentic, empowering, and joyful experience.

-Emma Westerhof

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