Breaking the cycle of failure in Rochester’s schools

A local solution to the Rochester city schools crisis is beyond local reach. Power is too fragmented to permit substantive change. It’s time for New York to declare an educational emergency and establish receivership for the district.

The Chinese recycling bombshell and us

A year ago, China announced that it would stop being our enabler by accepting the jumble of plastic and paper we put in those blue recycling boxes. It’s now time for each of us to take responsibility for our solid waste.

The cashless tolling ‘Catch-22’

Cashless tolling should save money for taxpayers over time and reduce traffic congestion on more heavily-traveled roads and bridges. But you need to play by the rules or risk owing big fines.

Is Rochester ready for e-scooters?

Convenient, efficient and fun to ride, e-scooters are probably in our future. But adding them to the Rochester roadway could compound the transportation problem.

Opportunity Zones: Will this time be different?

The history of place-based economic development is not particularly encouraging. When tax incentives are employed, they can be poorly targeted, reducing the tax liability of the prosperous while conferring little benefit on people in need.