The sound of Black protests

The tradition of Black music as a form of storytelling, healing and resistance has renewed importance today.

A market without crowds

To operate amid the pandemic, the Brighton Farmers Market adopted measures to ensure social distancing and minimize patrons’ contact with products and other shoppers.

Culture in the time of COVID-19

Museums and other cultural nonprofits have been hit hard by the pandemic. Their strategies for surviving it focus on prudent financial management and programming innovation.

Bristol Harbour Resort is closing

Owners Todd and Laura Cook cited the COVID-19 crisis in disclosing their plan to cease operations at the facility overlooking Canandaigua Lake.

A time to explore where you live

The coronavirus pandemic has put long-distance travel on hold indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck inside. Get away for a day and discover some of the best parts of the Rochester-Finger Lakes region.