Who will write its next chapter?

Writers & Books, one of the nation’s oldest and most active community-based literary centers, is searching nationwide for a new executive director with the soul of a literary artist and the brain of an entrepreneur.

Behind bars, parents work to build a family bond

For the last 12 years, through her nonprofit, New York State Literary Center, Dale Davis has helped inmates at the Monroe Correctional Facility in Brighton become more engaged with their community, and with their families, through reading and writing.

When scalping goes digital

More than $4,000 for a ticket to “Hamilton” during its 2019 Rochester run? That’s the going rate online for some seats. Prospective buyers beware: Secondary sellers not only charge much more than the ticket’s face value; they often don’t possess the tickets they are selling.

Mara Ahmed’s unwavering lens

In the wake of 9/11, the Pakistan-born activist filmmaker left a job in corporate finance to unflinchingly explore issues like racism, Islamophobia and geopolitical upheaval at a human level.