From Pittsford to Politico

A former Rochester newsboy who cofounded of one of the country’s most-visited news sites, John Harris has earned an international reputation as a news innovator and astute political reporter.

A father’s story of redemption

Former drug addict and prison inmate Halbert Sullivan turned his life around. Sullivan, who grew up in Rochester, founded the Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis to help break the cycle of poverty. Could his successful program work here?

The roots of a young conservative in D.C.

At 35, Rachel Bovard—who grew up in Dansville—has become a leading strategist and voice on the right in America. In a conversation, she reflects on her Rochester-area roots and what life is like in 2019 for a young conservative woman in the nation’s capital.

A new way to age

The Village movement’s mutual support nonprofits are designed to help seniors live independently while combatting isolation and loneliness. Nationwide, there are 250 Villages, but none in Rochester—yet.