Solving the RCSD puzzle

However well-intentioned and on point the distinguished educator’s critique and the Rochester City School District response might be, will there be sufficient continuity to carry through?

The way to regional economic success

America’s “less-traveled road” has been our collective failure to commercialize our remarkable array of advanced technology innovations. Let’s change the paths we travel and move aggressively to build a new technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Western New York.

A journey of life-saving work

Once among the Lost Boys of Sudan, Salva Dut is a symbol of what one person – together with a caring and giving community – can achieve in the world. In an audio interview with the Beacon, he describes his arrival in Rochester two decades ago, the growth of Water for South Sudan, and what he hopes it can achieve in the years to come.

New York City’s Amazon debacle

New York City’s loss of 25,000 well-paying jobs is significant. Not only is this a foregone opportunity for residents, but it tells companies considering future projects that New York’s political leadership is divided.

Small business survival in a big-box universe

Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo’s sideline—shipping and receiving UPS packages—illustrates the creativity locally owned shops must have to hold their own against national competitors.

Balancing profit and purpose

Several local firms are among a growing number of certified B Corps pursuing a business model that requires high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

A new way to age

The Village movement’s mutual support nonprofits are designed to help seniors live independently while combatting isolation and loneliness. Nationwide, there are 250 Villages, but none in Rochester—yet.

A Medicaid reform side effect

The unreimbursed burden of new paperwork for therapists has led to long waiting lists for children needing speech, occupational or physical therapy.

A conversation with the inventor of the digital camera

Kodak engineer Steven Sasson’s invention of digital photography and its aftermath still have many lessons for Rochester today. As Sasson says in an audio interview with the Beacon, nothing is forever, big changes are inevitable—and seemingly minor projects may someday become the basis for giant new industries.