Centering ourselves

Women of color in the arts and culture sector are leaders. Just because the mainstream arts community has not recognized this reality with jobs, funding, awards and other forms of professional recognition does not mean it isn’t so.

A history of failures

The state report on the death of Trevyan Rowe is the most recent but hardly the first description of the RCSD’s special education shortcomings. Is the district finally up to the challenge of fixing these problems?

AIM’s unlevel field for upstate cities

Reducing the large disparity in tax rates among cities, towns and villages with high property taxes and those with lower tax rates should be a priority for reform of the state’s Aid and Incentives for Municipalities revenue-sharing program.

A conversation with The College at Brockport’s president

Heidi Macpherson discusses her thoughts on the college’s strategic plan, the recent college admissions scandal, the roles of humanities and technology in high education, her strong feelings about author Margaret Atwood and much more.

A tale of two Nunes

Local attorney and musician Paul Nunes disdains the politics of Devin Nunes, the California Republican who is one of Donald Trump’s strongest allies on Capitol Hill. What truly rankles him, though, is how the congressman pronounces their shared patronymic.

Rochester’s misdirected war on poverty

The only way out of poverty is to get a job and then add enough value to be able to retain that job. To that end, the sole focus must now be to advocate for a city school system that teaches the skills and personal traits needed to advance economically.

Journeys of empowerment

The X-Cats, the robotics team of Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, has touched the lives of hundreds of Wilson High students. For some, it clarifies career goals and paves the way to prestigious jobs. For others, it makes the difference between graduating from high school or dropping out.

Powering up for growth

With a $41 million investment, Virginia’s Aldrich Capital Partners is now the new owner of eHealth Technologies. Jeff Markin, CEO of eHealth, answers four questions posed by the Beacon about the company’s future in Rochester.

What’s wrong with this picture?

A recent article on political prejudice concludes that Jefferson County in New York is the least politically prejudiced county in the nation. Can we trust the data?