The regional jobless surge ebbs

New filings in the latest report were sharply lower than each of the previous three weeks—but still more than 1,000 percent higher than a year ago.

The small business lifeline

The region’s lenders have funded hundreds of millions of dollars in coronavirus relief loans, and they are ready to do more—when the federal PPP spigot turns on again.

Rochester’s unemployment outbreak

The number of initial claims for benefits since the coronavirus lockdown began now tops 67,000—and the jobless rate has likely hit nearly 20 percent.

Upstate CEOs pledge to fight COVID-19

Upstate Venture Connect has formed a coalition of CEOs from emerging technology companies in the region to navigate the coronavirus crisis. These business leaders are pledging to fight the virus in their workplaces and support community efforts.

Feeding business growth

Work has begun on the Commissary, a downtown Rochester kitchen incubator that aims to boost the local food industry at a grassroots level.

Small banks aim to keep their edge

Knowledge of the local market is a key advantage for community financial institutions, but they also face numerous challenges.

Student startups from the inside

At a recent RocGrowth event, Seerwise founder Brandon Hudson and WetWare BioSystems founder Andrew Kaseman discussed the advantages and challenges of entrepreneurship while attending college.

What went wrong at Kodak?

The company’s decline was not inevitable, but successfully adapting to film’s obsolescence was a daunting challenge that bedeviled a series of CEOs.

Rochester’s soft landing

Kodak’s downsizing and restructuring did not devastate the local economy. A number of Kodak workers continued in the same jobs, but with a different employer. Others became entrepreneurs or bolstered the ranks of established firms.