More growth in business confidence

Siena College Research Institute’s new survey of top executives finds optimism rising in the Rochester region, while views of state government sink lower.

Southern Tier growth business

Constellation Brands Inc.’s Canadian cannabis affiliate plans to move into the U.S. market by
establishing a $100 million to $150 million hemp-processing industrial park in the Southern Tier.

An educational asset at risk

International students enrolled at UR, RIT and other local schools boost these institutions and the local economy. But changes in immigration policies could prompt foreign students to study in other countries or return to their native lands.

A pioneer in the circular economy

Rochester has a rich history as a leader in sustainable manufacturing. But are we doing enough to tout local research and innovations in the field?

Greenwashing spins sustainability

It’s not easy being green—but it can be tempting to fake it. Regulators take a dim view of greenwashing, disinformation put out by an organization to present an environmentally responsible public image.

Rochester’s affordability edge

Quality of life and other non-financial factors often get credit for retaining Rochester residents and drawing new ones. But what if money also is part of the equation? Is it possible the high-taxes narrative is only part of the story?