Honest and pure obsession

The Obsessed, a doom metal group that’s coming to town, has been grinding out their sound for four decades.

The Parkinson’s risk next door

Once on the wane, the devastating disorder is now the world’s fastest-growing brain disease. Ray Dorsey M.D., a neurologist and UR Medical Center researcher, says harmful chemicals that pervade our environment are a key factor.

Seizing the day to beat epilepsy

It’s tough to be 16 years old and have epilepsy, but I know others have it much worse. My goal with Amer’s Trail Epilepsy Run: to raise $100,000 and awareness for our local epilepsy center.

Public input sessions on housing issues planned

Beginning Thursday, City Councilmember Kim Smith will host meetings for the public to offer perspectives on the city’s housing issues, with a focus on the proposals put forward by the mayor’s Housing Quality Task Force last month.

A return to creative filmmaking

After two decades of commercial work, RIT alum Paul Tracy wants to make that focus on storytelling, starting with his passion project about sex addiction, divorce, recovery and restoration.

Make the music go pop

The Pop-Off, a collective endeavor launched by hip hop artist Noah Fense, is a bridge between visual artists and musicians.