It’s time to fix RCSD’s structural racism

For decades, the city schools have left a very large proportion of its mostly Black and Latinx students undereducated and ill-prepared to rise into the middle class and take their place as fully productive citizens.

Rev. Lewis Stewart still hears the call

The president of the United Christian Leadership Ministry is guided by a sense of justice grounded in spirituality. At 75, he is “still fighting for justice, still fighting for liberation, still believing that God is with me.”

Hope for Haiti amid disaster

Rochesterians Pepin Accilien, a native of Haiti, and Ed Hourihan, a board member of the Haitian Health Foundation, believe the Caribbean island nation can overcome its recent travails and troubled past.

Trees on the Erie Canal are at risk again

The state Canal Corporation still rejects the values of the natural vegetation as a source of shade, scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, community character, history, and environmental conservation.

A governor from upstate

Kathy Hochul will soon become the first New York governor in a century from outside the New York City area. Does the Rochester region stand to gain? And what must Hochul do to win in the 2022 election?