RCSD unearths budget woes

An internal audit discovered some overspending, the Rochester City School District Board of Education says. The impact of these preliminary findings is not clear.

The D.A.’s petition drive: for or against justice?

James Moore, who murdered teenager Pamela Moss in 1962, is New York State’s longest-serving prisoner. Each time Moore’s case comes up for parole, the Monroe County district attorney circulates a petition opposing his release. Should these petitions continue? 

Making a place for community

Kathryn Mariner, a cultural anthropologist, is researching placemaking in the city of Rochester, through Fertile Ground, a visual, large-scale, multi-year project.

The debate over corporate purpose

A recent Business Roundtable statement broke with decades of corporate doctrine whose roots, in part, extend to Rochester. But is it really a departure from how most companies actually are run?

Catholic Diocese seeks Chapter 11 relief

Facing sex-abuse claims, the Catholic Diocese of Rochester has asked court protection from creditors while it reorganizes. Still, much remains to be determined as to how the bankruptcy will play out.

EDI’s promise and challenges

The Empire Discovery Institute aims to boost Western New York’s reputation as a hub for life science research and innovation. To do so, however, it must raise more money and clear other hurdles.

Replacing a local restaurant institution

In the space Remington’s occupied for three decades, Lucca Kitchen & Cocktails aims to be a place for people who love food, family and Rochester.