Evans: ‘Trust must be restored’

In a Rochester Beacon online event, City Council member Malik Evans discussed the challenges facing the city and how he will tackle them as mayor.

How will Malik Evans lead Rochester?

After his landslide Democratic primary win, Malik Evans has a clear path to becoming Rochester’s next mayor. In an Oct. 12 online event with the Rochester Beacon, Evans will discuss his priorities and vision for the city.

As a tech hub, Rochester has hidden strengths

Panelists at an online event co-presented by the Rochester Beacon and NextCorps say the region’s well-developed technology infrastructure and lower costs are key advantages.

Will the economy rebound post-pandemic?

In a Rochester Beacon online event, economists Jed Kolko and Mark Zupan say much depends on the success of vaccination programs. The region’s wealth of colleges and universities could be engines of recovery.

Does fact-based journalism have a future?

In a Rochester Beacon online forum, renowned political journalists Tom Hamburger and John Harris discussed the challenges of producing in-depth reporting in an era of hyper-partisanship and news cycles driven by social media.