Rochester and the ‘superstar’ cities

A highly educated workforce and other assets have helped our region in its transition to a knowledge-based economy. But at the same time, are Rochester and other midsize metropolitan areas falling farther behind tech powerhouses like Boston, New York City and San Francisco?

A question of culpability

If a bank employee helped fraudsters run a Ponzi scheme, should the bank be held responsible and forced to repay defrauded investors? A local court case may provide an answer to that question.

What a Gannett-GateHouse merger would mean

It would lead to one company owning nearly all the newspapers in the Rochester region. The combined operations still would face the relentless financial pressures that have caused newspaper employment to plummet nationwide.

A father’s story of redemption

Former drug addict and prison inmate Halbert Sullivan turned his life around. Sullivan, who grew up in Rochester, founded the Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis to help break the cycle of poverty. Could his successful program work here?

The way forward for upstate businesses

Deindustrialization left our region with a rich and storied history, but no clear path to the future. Now, the founders of globally competitive local companies are showing how to leverage the research and talent that sets upstate apart.

A step toward an RCSD special-ed settlement

A class-action lawsuit filed this month could provide a path to bringing the city school district’s out-of-compliance special education program into line with federal and state requirements.

Confronting the truth about segregation

Economist Richard Rothstein’s talk in Rochester last week drew a crowd of 500 people. Is that show of numbers evidence Rochester is ready to finally tackle the racial divide in our community?

The RCSD board’s uncertain future

Board members and a referendum calling for state intervention are on the November ballot. Meanwhile, the district’s distinguished educator has quit and the state education commissioner who appointed him plans to leave. What’s next?