Why we need business leadership more than ever

Most MBA programs reflect the rational and scientific management theories of the 20th century. In the new era of disruptive change, however, competitive advantage lies with maximizing human potential in organizations through leadership.

State education commissioner Elia resigns

Her resignation, effective Aug. 31, creates an additional level of uncertainty for the Rochester City School District, which for months has faced the possibility that Elia could order a state takeover of the district.

Education, economic status and student performance

Socioeconomic factors explain most of the differences in student performance between school districts—but not all. Even with these factors taken into account, school districts in Rochester and other large New York cities underperform.

Which way forward?

Kendra Evans helped organize the 2016 Unity Walk against racism in Pittsford and co-founded PittsForward, a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative. Now she is running on the Democratic line against incumbent Supervisor Bill Smith, a Republican. Evans says she wants to spur “meaningful movement forward,” but can she win over those who believe efforts like PittsForward polarize the town?

What the opioid overdose numbers tell us

A new RIT study of 2018 opioid overdoses in Monroe County details the scope—and deadliness—of this public health crisis. Opioid fatalities surpass deaths from many types of common cancers, and even car accidents.

Challenging the Piketty gospel

Has the share of income going to the top 1 percent in the U.S. jumped dramatically in the last half-century? Recent research throws doubt on that belief.

Craft brewers barrel ahead

Small, independent brewing operations have boomed in Rochester and statewide, but overall beer consumption nationwide has stalled. Are craft brewers also nearing a saturation point?