Questions await the RCSD superintendent finalists

The superintendent candidate forum’s format appears to have been designed to ensure that students, parents and RCSD employees as well as other community members are heard equally. The event’s tightly controlled format may not satisfy attendees hoping to directly quiz the candidates, however.

Breaking the cycle of failure in Rochester’s schools

A local solution to the Rochester city schools crisis is beyond local reach. Power is too fragmented to permit substantive change. It’s time for New York to declare an educational emergency and establish receivership for the district.

Growth and inequality in Rochester

In economic development circles, the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats is an article of faith. But new research shows that in the recovery from the Great Recession, the gains have not been distributed equally.

Lessons of the Hour: a review

Isaac Julien’s video installation tells a visually splendid story, but doesn’t ground Douglass in his marriage, his children, his Blackness. It evades the hideousness and savagery of bondage and forced labor, in order to construct mythic imagery.

Can we bridge the divide of bitter partisanship?

Speaking at a recent RIT symposium, two renowned political philosophers—Robert George and Cornel West—with diametrically opposed ideologies spoke of the urgent need to counter fierce tribalism and civic division.