Lessons in education reform

Christopher Cerf was a key figure in efforts to turn around the long-ailing public schools in Newark, N.J. Under state control, Newark’s reform efforts targeted chronically poor graduation rates and low test scores. Next month, Cerf will deliver a keynote speech here detailing his Newark experience.

The Beacon at the six-month mark

When the Rochester Beacon launched on Oct. 18, it did so with a very lean budget, all-volunteer staff—and no guarantees of survival. Six months later, the Beacon is on track to exceed some of its most ambitious first-year goals.

Full steam ahead for Imagine RIT

Returning for its 12th year, the annual festival has become a major showcase for creativity, innovation and problem-solving involving science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Privacy law is coming

Privacy law is picking up steam across the country and abroad, with numerous bills threatening hefty fines or consumer class-action liability for noncompliance. Because compliance takes time, businesses must begin efforts now to comply with privacy laws not yet in force, even while it remains unclear who it is that will ultimately do the regulating.

Using science to jump-start growth

Economist Jonathan Gruber believes Rochester has what it takes to become a next-generation technology hub. To do so, he says, our city “needs to demonstrate an enormous commitment to scientific advance.”

Connecting the dots on ‘Connections’

On WXXI’s talk show, time did not allow a full rebuttal to another guest’s assertion that wealth is “immoral” and “obscene.” What’s really wrong in New York is how the government aggregates power by taking money out of the economy and creating criteria by which we might get it back.

The Luminate wager

Led by Sujatha Ramanujan, Luminate has the potential to further Rochester’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies related to the manipulation of photons. If successful, it could silence skeptics who view the program as a passing fancy or believe the optics industry in Rochester is yesterday’s news.

The role of education in Rochester’s economy

The challenge of Rochester’s public schools has been the “elephant in the room” in every discussion of poverty and economic development for decades. On May 13, the Rochester Beacon Solutions Forum will explore possible solutions to the problem of Rochester’s underperforming schools.

Martin Babinec’s 5 keys to startup success

Entrepreneur Martin Babinec offered advice as the Spring Lecture speaker at the University of Rochester’s Ain Center for Entrepreneurship. His tips don’t include having a big idea but underscore the need to learn, give and deliver.