Why bottom-up, grassroots action is needed

ROCitizen co-director Ravi Mangla believes problems such as systemic racism and economic inequality must be addressed head-on. He answers four questions from the Beacon about ROCitizen’s efforts to build community wealth and stronger, more connected neighborhoods.

Looking for career preparation? Consider the liberal arts

In the context of workforce development, liberal arts programs and courses are often overlooked except for their capacity to instill students with the “soft skills.” And yet, the modern tech boom is replete with stories of startup founders, presidents and CEOs who studied the liberal arts.

A third way on marijuana legalization

New York should fix the problematic effects stemming from current laws—including the disparate effects of arrests on minority communities—by effectively decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of pot and expunging old convictions.

Promoting equal pay

The Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester is advocating for equal pay with the theme #EXTRA80. The center marks Equal Pay Day today.