Lifting up unsung heroes

Organized by 540WMain, Black Women ROC! will honor change makers in July. The campaign is seeking nominations until June 5.

Political divide shapes public reaction on anti-Asian crimes

In a study, University of Rochester researchers examined opinion toward hashtags and websites that provide information, resources, places to donate, and places to report hate crimes. Biden supporters were more likely to defend these hashtags.

The divide on fixing digital disparity

Albany and Washington both want to make broadband internet access affordable for low-income households. One opted for regulation, the other for subsidies. Both face questions.

A cloud remains over summer festivals

The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread cancellations in 2020. This year, festival organizers are trying to navigate health safety rules as they stage in-person or hybrid events.

Has the region’s population declined?

New Census Bureau estimates show both Monroe County and the metro area losing residents in the last decade. But different numbers could emerge when 2020 Census data is released.

The bigotry Asian Americans face

Their roots lie a continent with nearly 50 diverse nations, but many have a common experience here: anti-Asian prejudice and hostility that can turn to violence.

Genocide finally called by its name

President Joe Biden’s use of the word to describe the Ottoman-era atrocities that claimed 1.5 million Armenian lives matters to all of us.

A new hand at the Urban League’s helm

Seanelle Hawkins, who navigated her own way out of poverty, has led the nonprofit since June 2019. In her first two years, the pandemic and racism in the Rochester area have been in the forefront.

A racial divide in home values

Rochester is among the 10 U.S. metro areas with the largest disparities in white and Black homeowners’ property values.

Series brings climate justice into focus

The Climate Solutions Accelerator and other organizations partnered on the educational effort to build awareness on the deep connections between injustice and climate change.