Fighting neighborhood blight

For the Rochester Land Bank Corp., which turns abandoned and vacant homes into saleable additions to the city’s housing stock and tax base, the last year has posed new challenges.

A haven for refugees

Rochester has a long tradition of welcoming people from abroad feeling violence and persecution. But federal policies and the pandemic are reducing resettlements here to a historic low.

The demise of a village venture

When Pamela Renfro and Angela Herrald opened the Inn on Church in 2016, they hoped to draw on Fairport’s neighborliness and help boost tourism in the Erie Canal community. Now, their boutique hotel is closed and the former partners are in a bitter court fight.

Campaign targets state parole system reform

The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, with the support of more than 300 organizations, hopes to win passage of two measures in Albany: the Elder Parole Bill and Fair and Timely Parole Bill.

Lifting up unsung heroes

Organized by 540WMain, Black Women ROC! will honor change makers in July. The campaign is seeking nominations until June 5.

Political divide shapes public reaction on anti-Asian crimes

In a study, University of Rochester researchers examined opinion toward hashtags and websites that provide information, resources, places to donate, and places to report hate crimes. Biden supporters were more likely to defend these hashtags.

The divide on fixing digital disparity

Albany and Washington both want to make broadband internet access affordable for low-income households. One opted for regulation, the other for subsidies. Both face questions.

A cloud remains over summer festivals

The COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread cancellations in 2020. This year, festival organizers are trying to navigate health safety rules as they stage in-person or hybrid events.