Is Rochester ready for nuclear war?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has stoked fears of a nuclear conflict. While the risk to the Rochester region may be low, does local government have safety plans in place for a nuclear attack? And what precautions can individuals take?

The toll of violence and the pandemic

“It’s been horrible out here, trying to keep up with death,” says mortician Thomas Gainey, the owner and operator of Angel Hills Funeral Chapel on St. Paul Street.

Ukraine’s suffering evokes a distant echo

Ancestral roots that reach to Ukrainian soil trigger strong emotions in the wake of the Russian invasion—as do memories of stories told by a grandmother about horrors committed a century ago.

Programs tackle structural racism

While different in scope, two new initiatives—one across multiple cities and one centered in Rochester—have a similar focus.

Roots revealed 

The history of a house is the history of a community. A writer explores the story of a family long forgotten.

A long history of caring

Hillside Children’s Center marked 185 years of service last month. As it looks ahead, the organization identifies mental health services as a growing need.