The experience of war through a different lens

“First Light,” an exhibit of photography and writing by women combat veterans in Rochester, explores their stories and gives voice to a largely unacknowledged segment of the community.

Imagining Rochester in 2034 and beyond

For the last decade, the Rochester Speculative Literature Association has nurtured visions of the city’s future. Its members—whose works span fantasy, science fiction and horror fiction—write stories about Rochester that ask “what if?”

Connecting through art

The visual art community in Rochester is launching Current Seen, a small-and-midsize venue biennial designed as a contiguous string of exhibitions, pop-ups, and public art along East Avenue and Main Street downtown. The program’s theme: our current moment/our changing city.

The Grandma Group

An infant, faith-based organization in the city hopes to become a sustainable lifeline for grandmothers who are now or have been primary caregivers for their own grandchildren.

Confronting the truth about segregation

Economist Richard Rothstein’s talk in Rochester last week drew a crowd of 500 people. Is that show of numbers evidence Rochester is ready to finally tackle the racial divide in our community?

Which way forward?

Kendra Evans helped organize the 2016 Unity Walk against racism in Pittsford and co-founded PittsForward, a nonpartisan, grassroots initiative. Now she is running on the Democratic line against incumbent Supervisor Bill Smith, a Republican. Evans says she wants to spur “meaningful movement forward,” but can she win over those who believe efforts like PittsForward polarize the town?

What the opioid overdose numbers tell us

A new RIT study of 2018 opioid overdoses in Monroe County details the scope—and deadliness—of this public health crisis. Opioid fatalities surpass deaths from many types of common cancers, and even car accidents.