Searching for the Fifth Chaplain

Are we still able to have national heroes like World War II’s Four Chaplains? Or have we become too divided by politics and ideology?

Remembering 9/11 after 20 years

On Sept. 11, 2001, the world as most Americans knew it changed forever. Rochester Beacon readers recall that day and reflect on its impact.

Rev. Lewis Stewart still hears the call

The president of the United Christian Leadership Ministry is guided by a sense of justice grounded in spirituality. At 75, he is “still fighting for justice, still fighting for liberation, still believing that God is with me.”

Hope for Haiti amid disaster

Rochesterians Pepin Accilien, a native of Haiti, and Ed Hourihan, a board member of the Haitian Health Foundation, believe the Caribbean island nation can overcome its recent travails and troubled past.

A harsh winter looms for the homeless

With COVID-19 cases rising again and an inadequate supply of beds in shelters, the plight of the area’s homeless population is likely to worsen.

Fighting neighborhood blight

For the Rochester Land Bank Corp., which turns abandoned and vacant homes into saleable additions to the city’s housing stock and tax base, the last year has posed new challenges.

A haven for refugees

Rochester has a long tradition of welcoming people from abroad feeling violence and persecution. But federal policies and the pandemic are reducing resettlements here to a historic low.