A man of deep values and firm beliefs

John Riedman, who died recently at the age of 90, built a small Rochester-based insurance agency into the nation’s ninth-largest privately held insurance broker. Guided by his strong convictions, he also was an influential figure in Republican politics and became a leading area philanthropist.

Let’s embrace Rochester’s cultural identity

Economic developers talk of “ecosystems,” a recognition that institutions, concentrations of knowledge and focused leadership spur economic vitality and growth. There is no stronger example in Rochester than the ecosystem that nurtures creative expression.

Drafting a vision of Rochester’s future

The city’s proposed comprehensive plan aims for increased economic development, infrastructure improvements, and greater economic and social equality. Its predecessor also had lofty goals; only some were achieved.

Appreciating our lilacs, in 7 photos and 10 facts

In 1898, some 3,000 people gathered in Highland Park to smell lilacs planted by famed horticulturist John Dunbar. Today, a half-million people take part in the 10-day Rochester Lilac Festival. Here are some things you may not know about these beautiful and fragrant symbols of renewal and love.

Why I refuse to live inside the box of race

It hasn’t been easy acknowledging that I am of a different race than the majority in the United States. It’s been even more difficult understanding what to forgive as ignorance and what to call racist. But this I know: I no longer want to be labeled or pigeonholed.

Can we bridge the divide of bitter partisanship?

Speaking at a recent RIT symposium, two renowned political philosophers—Robert George and Cornel West—with diametrically opposed ideologies spoke of the urgent need to counter fierce tribalism and civic division.

Full steam ahead for Imagine RIT

Returning for its 12th year, the annual festival has become a major showcase for creativity, innovation and problem-solving involving science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.