Understanding Israel: A conversation with Meredith Dragon

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As grief and violence continue to unfold in Israel and the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the gruesome terrorist attacks by Hamas on Oct. 7, I sat down with Meredith Dragon, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.  

Dragon, who just returned from Israel, spoke of the critically important history of Israeli-Palestinian relations, from the ancient Jewish ties to the land to the birth of Israel in 1948 and the complex path toward peace ever since. 

We also spoke about how the attack has sparked concerns of rising antisemitism across the United States and the implications for American Jews.  

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4 thoughts on “Understanding Israel: A conversation with Meredith Dragon

  1. Did you even listen to this brillant conversation? and BTW- have you looked into what Hamas does with the water, fuel and humitarian aid the Gaza recieves?

  2. It is current colonial oppression. It is not anti-semitic to be against the Israeli government. Jews have lived there for 1000’s of years, yes. But so have Palestinians Christians and Muslims. 1000’s of Palestinians were killed during the Nakba. 1000’s were relocated to refugee camps. 400 towns were decimated. The Israeli government has developed into an apartheid state. Palestinians have to go through check points daily. The Israeli government chooses to ignore international law. The US sends 3.8 Billion dollars yearly and what do they use it for.. the military.

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