Trees belong on the Erie Canal

The Erie Canal is a unique and priceless public resource that deserves a thoughtful, creative, and inclusive management plan—one that preserves and restores the scenic, shady canal path.

Light and sounds of the future

The 2019 Light & Sound Interactive Conference runs June 25-27. Terry Clas, chairman of the event, believes LSI builds upon Rochester’s proud legacy in manufacturing, photography, and optics.

A fair, effective plan to reduce carbon emissions

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is a market-based mechanism to reduce the carbon emissions driving climate change. It will dramatically reduce the damage caused by global warming—without wrecking our economy.

A man of deep values and firm beliefs

John Riedman, who died recently at the age of 90, built a small Rochester-based insurance agency into the nation’s ninth-largest privately held insurance broker. Guided by his strong convictions, he also was an influential figure in Republican politics and became a leading area philanthropist.

Has Warren killed two birds with one stone?

The mayor’s call for a November referendum on a state takeover of the city school board could end the RCSD stalemate—and also help Democrats wrest control of county government from Republicans.