Beacon event to look at the future of food

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From burgers made of pea protein to milk made from oats, and actual steak grown from cells in a lab, what we eat—as Bob Dylan might have said—is rapidly changin’.

Are these and other new foods really healthier for us and for the planet? How do they affect our local economy? What other food innovations are in the pipeline?

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, the Rochester Beacon will hold a virtual event on “The Future of Food” with three experts in food technology and innovation:

■ David Lipman, biologist and former chief science officer for Impossible Foods, who is a Rochester native (his family founded Lipman’s Kosher Market in Brighton). While at Impossible Foods, best known for the Impossible Burger, he described the company’s mission as to “eliminate the need for animals in the food system because that’s one of the greatest—if not the greatest—source of damage to the environment.”

■ Bruno Xavier, associate director of Cornell’s Food Venture Center. A nationally-recognized food scientist with expertise in food and beverage ingredients, production, safety, regulatory requirements and product development, his work at the center each year helps bring more than 2000 products to market.

■ Dan Wise, founder and CEO of RealEats. A startup firm based in Geneva, RealEats each week ships farm-to-table, vacuum-sealed prepared meals to tens of thousands of consumers in 31 states. The company recently raised more than $16 million to help build a national brand presence.

This event, slated for noon to 1 p.m., live on Zoom, will be moderated by Rochester Beacon Washington Correspondent and author Peter Lovenheim. Silver sponsors of the event are Armbruster Capital Management Inc. and Lamar Advertising.

The event is free to attend, but registration is required. You can register now.

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