Building the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem

At a recent RocGrowth event, Marnie LaVigne of LaunchNY and Nasir Ali of Upstate Venture Connect described what their nonprofit organizations are doing to help entrepreneurs be successful in Upstate New York. (video)

Craft brewers barrel ahead

Small, independent brewing operations have boomed in Rochester and statewide, but overall beer consumption nationwide has stalled. Are craft brewers also nearing a saturation point?

Let’s embrace Rochester’s cultural identity

Economic developers talk of “ecosystems,” a recognition that institutions, concentrations of knowledge and focused leadership spur economic vitality and growth. There is no stronger example in Rochester than the ecosystem that nurtures creative expression.

A cooperative model

ROC2025 is a new partnership between Rochester Downtown Development Corp., Greater Rochester Enterprise and the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. It is designed to put private money to work to attract and retain businesses.

Growth and inequality in Rochester

In economic development circles, the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats is an article of faith. But new research shows that in the recovery from the Great Recession, the gains have not been distributed equally.

The Luminate wager

Led by Sujatha Ramanujan, Luminate has the potential to further Rochester’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies related to the manipulation of photons. If successful, it could silence skeptics who view the program as a passing fancy or believe the optics industry in Rochester is yesterday’s news.