Lessons of the Hour: a review

Isaac Julien’s video installation tells a visually splendid story, but doesn’t ground Douglass in his marriage, his children, his Blackness. It evades the hideousness and savagery of bondage and forced labor, in order to construct mythic imagery.

Centering ourselves

Women of color in the arts and culture sector are leaders. Just because the mainstream arts community has not recognized this reality with jobs, funding, awards and other forms of professional recognition does not mean it isn’t so.

A plight years in the making

The Rochester Historical Society’s finances have been spiraling downward, imperiling its collections. The chief causes: misguided self-reliance and difficulty adapting to modern fundraising realities.

Rochester’s imperiled heritage

The Rochester Historical Society, home of artifacts that tell the community’s stories, is in danger of losing these treasures.

Crucial connection

In his new book, “The Attachment Effect,” Rochester author and journalist Peter Lovenheim explores how the earliest bond impacts human relationships. He shares his findings, including the attachment styles of political leaders, with Beacon Publisher Alex Zapesochny. Listen to their conversation.

A story of survival

As writer, director and producer of the play “Whispering Inhibitions,” Victoria Visiko wants those who have suffered sexual abuse to find strength in her work.

Who will write its next chapter?

Writers & Books, one of the nation’s oldest and most active community-based literary centers, is searching nationwide for a new executive director with the soul of a literary artist and the brain of an entrepreneur.

Behind bars, parents work to build a family bond

For the last 12 years, through her nonprofit, New York State Literary Center, Dale Davis has helped inmates at the Monroe Correctional Facility in Brighton become more engaged with their community, and with their families, through reading and writing.