Ready to raise the curtain

Poised for its official opening, Playhouse on Park aims to widen the theater experience for both aspiring actors and audiences alike.

Mixing variety and a tempo tantrum

Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners celebrate the band’s 29th birthday and the release of a new CD collection of singles at Lux Lounge.

Bringing down the house

In the final two days of the CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival, the highs got even higher.

Day 7 brings new favorites

New York City’s Big Lazy and Booker T Jones produced ragged and raucous sounds.

Hot, humid, and healing music 

Day 6 highlights included piano trios led by Connie Han and Joonas Haavisto, and the Queen of Percussion.

Hitting new highs on Day 5

From smaller venues like Kilbourn Hall to the expanse of Parcel 5, the Jazz Fest crowds were the biggest so far.