Public power utility would not serve the interests of residents and ratepayers

Dissatisfaction with the ownership and management of Rochester Gas and Electric has prompted a campaign, led by led by Metro Justice, to take over the utility. But the half-million-dollar public power feasibility study recently approved by the Rochester City Council is a waste of taxpayer money—because taking over RG&E would produce no financial benefit, and the ownership and operating expense would impact the poorest residents harder than other consumers.

Setting the record straight: a very distorted ‘news’ report about the Take It Down Planning Committee / Faith Community Alliance Coalition/RMSC unprecedented, authentic, effective, anti-racist education program

A recent Rochester Beacon article about an anti-racist education program that Take it Down Planning Committee/Faith Community Alliance Coalition developed in conjunction with the Rochester Museum and Science Center is quite distorted and has a crystal-clear, right-wing-slant.

Response to ‘State of the Union and debt ceiling math’

It seems to me that the discussion around deficits and the debt ceiling from each political party centers more around political talking points and does not illuminate. Mr. Rosenberger’s take on the Deficit leaves out much that should be considered, starting with the U.S. Budget that is about 160 pages in length. For example, the fact that Social Security is 23% of federal expenditures leaves an inaccurate picture of the deficit, which I will discuss shortly. The budget does not tell the whole story here. For one, the Department of Homeland Security, which came into being under George W. Bush in 2002, plus the classified budgets of the CIA and NSA, brings Defense spending to over a trillion dollars a year.