The positive trajectory of the UR-East High partnership

The Educational Partnership Organization’s significant investment in East High went beyond financial resources. It involved highly qualified teachers and staff with the heart and fortitude to do the work and to reexamine their own practices, resulting in a program that aligns with a clear vision for academic achievement and preparation of scholars for college and career.

Questions await the RCSD superintendent finalists

The superintendent candidate forum’s format appears to have been designed to ensure that students, parents and RCSD employees as well as other community members are heard equally. The event’s tightly controlled format may not satisfy attendees hoping to directly quiz the candidates, however.

Breaking the cycle of failure in Rochester’s schools

A local solution to the Rochester city schools crisis is beyond local reach. Power is too fragmented to permit substantive change. It’s time for New York to declare an educational emergency and establish receivership for the district.

Lessons in education reform

Christopher Cerf was a key figure in efforts to turn around the long-ailing public schools in Newark, N.J. Under state control, Newark’s reform efforts targeted chronically poor graduation rates and low test scores. Next month, Cerf will deliver a keynote speech here detailing his Newark experience.

The role of education in Rochester’s economy

The challenge of Rochester’s public schools has been the “elephant in the room” in every discussion of poverty and economic development for decades. On May 13, the Rochester Beacon Solutions Forum will explore possible solutions to the problem of Rochester’s underperforming schools.