How students view the deep divide at Aquinas

Like parents and alumni, a number of Aquinas students have taken opposing sides in the debate over the school’s approach to education. In the Beacon’s Up for Debate, two students who walked out on alumnus Robert Agostinelli’s recent talk at the school and two others who share Agostinelli’s opinion that leftist ideology now rules at the Catholic school present their views.

The culture wars come to Aquinas

Triggered by a billionaire alumnus’ talk to students, a rift has surfaced between parents and alumni who accuse Aquinas Institute of “woke” ideology and those who defend the school’s board, administration and faculty.

Jingle all the way? Maybe not

At Brighton’s Council Rock Primary School, “Jingle Bells” has been removed from the repertoire because it has “the potential to be controversial or offensive.” Is it a wise step or well-intentioned overreach?

Report backs proposed interdistrict magnet schools

Racially and socioeconomically diverse schools that draw students from Rochester and its surrounding suburbs are “likely to improve educational outcomes and long-term success among all students,” the report states.

Constructing RIT’s future

The university’s Student Hall for Exploration and Development, its largest project on campus in more than 50 years, is just one hub of building activity fueled by RIT’s 2025 strategic plan.