Student startups from the inside

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When the promise of Rochester’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is discussed, it is common to cite the superb universities in our area and their role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship. At a recent RocGrowth Candids event, the topic of student startups took center stage.  

In a videotaped discussion, student entrepreneurs Brandon Hudson (founder of Seerwise and Rochester Institute of Technology student) and Andrew Kaseman (founder of WetWare BioSystems and student at the University of Rochester) describe the advantages and challenges of starting companies while attending college.  

Also participating in the forum was Richard DeMartino, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at RIT. The discussion was moderated by Rochester Beacon publisher Alex Zapesochny. (This video runs for about 29 minutes.)  

Alex Zapesochny is Rochester Beacon publisher. He moderated the RocGrowth Candids event.

3 thoughts on “Student startups from the inside

  1. Watched the interview(s) and was struck by the candor and ease of the three interviewees. The interviewer, Mr. Zapesochny, handled their responses masterfully, allowing them to understand the question (repeating the question when moved to another speaker etc.) and added insightful comments and queries. This plays well for the local colleges and students who are considering the concept of entrepreneurship.

    • I should have included that ROCGrowth and The Beacon are Collaborative Partners of Conscious Capitalism Rochester. By supporting them you support making Conscious Capitalism principles foundational to Rochester’s economic development strategy.

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