Viva the old normal

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You heard me ranting and raving last week about Pete Griffith’s voice as he sang with tone synonymous with a cement mixer full of rocks and IPA. Well, over at Johnny’s Irish Pub, the man was at it again. This time, it was with utility guitar player Tony Martino filling in the acoustic and electric blanks Griffith left in his wake.

Now as I see it, Johnny’s is the kind of joint that is apparently made for the drinking man. I traipsed past the band as the duo pounded away on the classic rock from their perch in the windowsill, to get a Coke. My request was answered with a confused look. After making it clear, no booze for me, thanks, the barkeep slid my beverage—a Coke in a shot glass—in front of me.

Later on, it was more Coke and a triple bill at Photo City Music Hall. The lineup included New York City’s Snake Canyon, a no-show on stage because their drummer unfortunately had a heart attack a few days before. They tell me he’s doing OK, by the way, and the band will be rescheduled soon.

Fox 45

So, things started off with the new-wave, no-wave rock of Rochester’s Burnt Sun, which shared Fox 45 drumstress Casey Leach. The Clockmen followed with another double-duty player, guitarist Nick Walter, who is also with Fox 45. They played as if getting away with something. Headliners Fox 45 did get away with something, however: our hearts. After pulling several double duties of their own when their singer didn’t show.

This just in: Aug. 6, 7, 8 is the reopening weekend—Rejoice!!—for the legendary Bug Jar. Screw your new normal, the old one ain’t dead just yet. Stay tuned.

Frank De Blase is Rochester Beacon music writer.

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