‘Ring of Fire,’ shakin’ tailfeathers and bangin’ heads

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I guess not having the Man in Black’s gravel-pit range puts you in a jackpot before you even step out on stage, but I was gonna give the cast of “Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash” a chance to prove me wrong.

And hey, you know what? They did in the enthusiasm department, as all five in the ensemble cast bounded about the stage as if it were a high school production of “Oklahoma!” But the overall quietness coming off the bandstand took a little of the edge off the music. It’s rock ’n’ roll after all; it needs to move the air.


Regardless, the seating and outdoor stage setup was beautiful under equally pristine clouds. It was a good move on Geva’s part. The show itself could have given the audience just a little bit more.

The more music in the great outdoors department had me in Radio Social’s backyard for the tailfeather-shakin’ Televisionaries. The band consisted of three Lake brothers and a cousin on drums. Harmonies were sharp as the band swung it nice and tight. I bought a shirt.

Snaggletooth was indoors at Photo City Music Hall but could be heard several miles away. Members of the hard-and-heavy community were all there sluggin’ red eyes, bangin’ heads and talking trash.

The sound was exquisite as it claimed souls and broke hearts. There was blood everywhere with smiles abound and fists aloft. Man, what a night.

Frank De Blase is Rochester Beacon music writer.

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