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It’s a full-tilt, full-blown, thrill-a-second that never needs winding, never needs ironing. I’m talking about Low Spirits. 

A recent garage band, Low Spirits is on the scene rising from the ashes of St. Phillip’s Escalator, which presented with a harder-hitting, blues-based attack. The hooks demand your attention. 

The band played an awesome early set at Photo City Music Hall last Thursday with The Living Room (debut performance of this incredibly dark and lovely outfit), and Burnt Sun, who sliced away at listeners’ ears with precise dynamics and volume.

With Low Spirits comes a nuggets-based, dirtier, fuzzier stab at some breakneck rock ’n’ roll boogaloo. And BTW, you can catch their earlier sound as St. Phillip’s Escalator on the tube, too. 

Check this out: Through the help of Hollywood synchronization agent Bob Merrifield, the band got its tune “Sleepy SilverTrain Haze” played on the TNT show “Animal Kingdom” (season 5 episode 9).

It aired a few weeks back. Merrifield is also credited with getting material by Rochester rockers, the Ginger Faye Bakers, on TV, including the show “Shameless.”

Record Review 

Nate and Mary’s World Music Quartet



I’ve never debated the issue of genre with Nate Coffey. I guess we just always agreed. Neither one of us wanted to pigeonhole the man or typecast a musician—that would only serve to restrict and constrict like the britches on a hipster’s skinny suit. I mean, how do they sit down, for Christ’s sake? 

Anywhat… Coffey can play anything and does. He plays everything and stays dry under the mother umbrella of world music. Close behind, Mary Monroe cops to her harp—a beautiful life-sized music box. Flutist Tommy Gravino keeps it light and airy and percussionist Steve Imburgia keeps the band’s heart beating.  

You can pick up what Coffey is layin’ down on the new disc with Monroe, “Nate and Mary’s World Music Quartet.” 

The seven-songs-long LP is wrapped in a notion of peace as Coffey’s guitar plays snake charmer to Monroe’s crystal escape. And though world music can often be bombastic or a tad too exuberant, Monroe’s harp extinguishes any antics and lets the most golden aspects shine through. Should go good with lemonade.

Frank De Blase is Rochester Beacon music writer.

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