Nights on the town

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Last Thursday, the Buzzmeyers played to a modest crowd with a focus rooted in the fact that the group’s frontman, Eddie Nebula, has a penchant for late 20th century pop.

Two nights later, when it was so cold you might’ve caught a glimpse of a lawyer with his hands in his own pockets or a flasher avoiding the frostbite by passing out Polaroids, I was out for some rock ’n’ roll. I struck out to my first stop, Three Heads Brewing, but alas, the joint was closed and the show canceled due to—you guessed it—the virus.

Next stop: the Record Archive Back Room Lounge, for an elegant set of Elvis’ music to celebrate his Jan. 8 birthday. He would have been 87. Albany’s the Lustre Kings played a nice set of the King’s music and safely curated the packed house. It’s all about the music, kids.

Then, slid down Atlantic Avenue to Photo City Music Hall and Over Hand Sam Snyder therein, just a-diggin into some deep, deep roots, including some Michael Hurley that pleased me no end. What followed was a tremendous set from Continental Drifft. With every nuance, every familiarity, whether or not it was quasi new wave or quasi pop, Continental Drifft played it upbeat, nice and cool.

The Stone Lows delivered a sensational set by opening up cool and mighty with a sound akin to the Who’s Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1 electronic organ. Look it up, I did. The band was all about the thunder and cascade of the drums, which at times might have been a wee bit distracting. It was intense all the same and I walked away a new fan. 

Streaming Homegrown

Brew chanteuse Leslie Ward at Lovin’ Cup and Three Heads Brewing’s impresario, Geoff Dale, look forward to their annual Homegrown event with one caveat. This time, it’s virtual. 

It’s been held outdoors at Lovin’ Cup for the last nine years but will go to the web with mixed anticipation. Hey, at least some of us are doing something.

Besides the much-talked about beer display, this year’s event—Homegrown 9½ – Now with more home—will boast an excellent selection of bands streaming their music online. The list of these merry-makers and the noise they make includes Teagan and the Tweeds, the Honey Smugglers, the Moho Collective, and Friday in America. They will stream their audio delites over the course of the day, along with live cooking demonstrations and other segments promoting the indie beverage  community. Homegrown kits can be purchased to enhance the at-home experience.

On tap this year are breweries Three Heads, Other Half, Iron Tug, Young Lion, and Genesee, as well as food kits from Lovin’ Cup, Marshall Street Bar and Grill, and the pizza truck, Peels on Wheels.

Homegrown 9½ – Now with more home will take place virtually on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 2 p.m. Participatory kits—so you can play, drink and cook along—are available for $160. More info is available at or

Frank De Blase is Rochester Beacon music writer.

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