A mellow mash of psychedelia

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I’ve really been into this jangly, 1960s-inspired psychedelia since I saw the Brian Jonestown Massacre try to kill each other some 15-odd years ago.

Photo: Acid Dad

Founded in Brooklyn in 2014, and carrying themselves a great deal more peaceful, Acid Dad has filled the scene with a chaotic mellow mash of color and wonderment.

The band—Danny Gomez (lead guitar), Vaughn Hunt (vocals, guitar), Kevin Walker (drums), Sean Fahey (bass)—plays with a stark beauty with sufficient restraint so as to keep the rubber side down. The videosplash of sanity may set you to grind your teeth as the frenzy takes over your body and mind, launching the listener elsewhere. Wild yet comfortable. Standby for butterflies.  

Acid Dad, play with Fuzz Rod Aug. 3, The Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 8 p.m. $13-$16

Coming to town

The Surfrajettes with Awful Kanawful

Hailing from the northern shores of Lake Ontario and reminiscent of Pittsburgh’s Get Hip Records’ go-go-booted, go-go girls, the Gore Gore Girls, these gorgeous Torontonians shoehorn beauty and the beat. It’s all beehives and white vinyl for ya. Now I’m not gonna lay it out and go all apey about the pulchritude that flows in their veins. But you might wanna duck, sucka.

The Surfrajettes (Photo: The Surfajettes)

The bill is gonna be sufficiently amped up by the additional appearance of the film auteur and Rochester controversial art nouveau maniac known as Awful Kanawful. It’s gonna be cool, it’s gonna be a bloodbath.

Tte Surfrajettes play with guest Awful Kanawful, July 9, Abilene Bar & Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way, $15 -$20

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One thought on “A mellow mash of psychedelia

  1. “It’s gonna be cool, it’s gonna be a blood bath.”
    I guess I’m just to old for that “stuff”.
    I read about blood-baths every day. I’ve also seen the results of blood baths. The only blood I want to see is the blood donated at the local Red Cross. LOL.
    Semper Fi.

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