Mixing variety and a tempo tantrum

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Trashcan Records ruled the Rochester scene in the 1990s with its righteous roster of trashy and raunchy bands like the Quitters, the Shop Class Squares, the Vertigo Go’s and so on, on their label.

Then there was Duke Galaxy and the Pipeiners. But we’re not here to talk about Surf’s trashy trademark 32nd notes wickedly picked amid a hurricane, a flurricane, if you will, marinated in all that  reverberating twang -o- plenty.

The trio — Duke Galaxy, guitar, Keith Parkus, bass, and  Moondog, drums mix up the variety into a veritable tempo tantrum that includes one of my most favorite instrumentals Santo and Johnny’s “Sleepwalk.”

The trick is follow the KISS rule — Keep It Simple Stupid— Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners don’t wax caveman but adhere  to KISS on all 19 cuts before you bop barefoot in the sand. 

Never trust a band over 30. Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners celebrate the band’s 29th birthday and the release of a new CD collection of singles with guests Muler, Friday, July 22, at Lux Lounge, 666 South Avenue, 10:00 p.m., $5

Check out: “Duct Tape Palm Trees & Flyin’ Pineapples (The Singles 1993-1995)”/Trashcan Records

Spider Davidson and the Chicken Head Revival


Cruisin’ with the top down, Spider Davidson and the Chicken Head Revival come from a heavy rock pedigree, but it’s a  little heavier on this record. 

I’m not saying it ain’t  heavy enough but live, the trio clings to a strummin’ and cruisin’ tack, especially when you consider that Davidson played bass in Boneyard not too long ago.

He banged his head and hollered about Jesus being angry with something I did, unbeknownst to me. The band almost made it to the top including a pinnacle gig opening for the Cult at the Armory a few years ago.

Despite the band’s toning down, its members will still have no  problem hanging with the hard and heavies and swinging the hammer in other powerful trios. There are five cuts — a nickel of glory — to salute on this easy-going pleasure platter.


Left on Red

Left On Red was alright. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. They say they’ll be back, and I believe them. They left us all wanting more, more, more. It’s been 10 years since Left on Red rocked the Flower City with their clever turn of phrase, handstands, and an unparalleled acerbic wit. 

Zydeco impresario and force of nature under a  gambler’s lid, Woody Woodward hipped me to this dynamic duo — Liah, guitar and vocals and Kelly, fiddle — who rocked Rochester to death at the Corn Hill Arts Festival’s gazebo stage. Theirs was a busker-based lyrical hilarity slathered with topics like shopping for shoes when you’re a seahorse with only one leg, and heaping shame on a fellow who left his bride to be holding the bag at the altar.

The following Wednesday, LOR left the crowd at the packed Lovin’ Cup in a roar and trail of smoke with their classic busker lean.

File under “You Missed It.”

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