Flying right and circling the Fringe

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Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys (Photo: Charles Robinson)

I avoided the soul-crushing grind of Front 22 for a more Bob Wills kind of a drive at the hands of Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys. Hailing from Anaheim, Calif., these cats have been burning a steel-belted rubber trail between Rochester and Disneyland for over 20 years now, stopping long enough to give the jitterbuggers time to stop and jitterbug and cut some rug in a kind of bunion derby.


The Fringe had me going, man. I can’t imagine anything more Fring-ey or festival-ey than Cirque du Fringe, what  with arrows flying around dangerously close to eye level among other burlesque-esque defying stunts. There were contortionists and jugglers and beautiful ladies spinning above who seemed to have double-jointed everything: legs, neck, shoulders, and toes. It was raining Jaws the whole time. Hu-buh!

After Cirque Du Fringe I strolled over to Geva to get my head further unscrewed, by magician, wisenheimer and Mike Hammer-look -a-like and sound- alike Dirk Darrow  as he stoked, stymied and confused. Darrow conjures up the ghosts of long dead gumshoes with their  trench-coat appeal while packing a roscoe all the while wallowing in keen prestidigitation. 

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