Kodak to be honored with landmark

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Kodak’s seminal achievements in consumer photography will be applauded with a landmark from the American Chemical Society.

The landmark, titled “The Birthplace of Consumer Photography,” recognizes George Eastman, Kodak, and its role in bringing everyday photography to the world, officials say.

The landmark will be dedicated at a Oct. 3 ceremony at the Kodak Center. The dedication is open to the public.

The commemorative plaque will read: “George Eastman and the Eastman Kodak Company brought photography to everyone. Before his innovations, photography was cumbersome, requiring heavy, fragile equipment and an array of chemicals used to prepare photographic plates just before use. The elaborate process limited photography to a select few. In the 1880s, Eastman developed a convenient method of preparing ready-to-use plates. Improvements led to flexible, roll film as well as photo processing and printing done by mail order. Millions of people worldwide captured memories using cameras and film, leaving all the chemistry to Kodak. The ease of this process was summed up by the company’s slogan, ‘You press the button, we do the rest.’”

The Kodak landmark joins more than 90 others in the nation that pay homage to achievements in the history of chemical sciences and their contributions to society. Kodak’s landmark is the first in New York outside New York City and the seventh in the state.

Other examples in the program include Bakelite, the world’s first synthetic plastic; the discovery and development of penicillin; and the work of historical figures like Joseph Priestley, George Washington Carver and Rachel Carson.

The landmark will be presented as part of the 43rd Northeast regional meeting of the ACS. With more than 151,000 members, including a Rochester section, ACS is a nonprofit chartered by Congress. The Rochester section serves roughly 700 members in the region. It provides programming, career resources, and networking opportunities for professional chemists, educators and students.

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