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Susanna Rose (Photo: Susanna Rose/Bandcamp)

She’s got the blues, but not the miseries. This singer-songwriter has been called Rochester’s “Siren of Loneliness” (Jeff Spevak) and “romantically dark” (me). Susanna Rose’s all-original tunes are supported by Chaz and the Dazzlers on bass, who easily match the gal in the melancholy department, as well as the Good Weather String Band on mandolin, drums, banjo and the occasional saxophone.

The Good Weather String Band was born out of year-round outdoor jam sessions in a Swillburg backyard. They play a mix of old-time tunes, jam-grass and original songs featuring clawhammer banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass and cajon. And though they back Rose effortlessly with their woe, sometimes it’s best when there is nothing to get in the way of her pipes and her guitar … and you

Thursday Oct. 6, Little Theatre Cafe, 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday Pipes

Pack yourself a lunch, be it PB&J, bologna, or a big ol’ Dagwood. And head over to Christ Church, 141 East Ave., for Tuesday Pipes, a weekly event every Tuesday, a 25-minute pipe concert at the church. This weekly event features the Craighead-Saunders organ and the Hook and Hastings organ played by Eastman students, faculty, and alumni. 

New joint in town

Breathing some much-needed fresh scenester oxygen from the mind of bon vivant Will Carrol comes Danger Zone, a new joint in the East End. Danger Zone is starting up on each Wednesday with the likes of DJ MK Ultra on the decks and promises grub like garbage plates, hamburgers and cheap beer to wash it all down. Just leave it to the punks when it’s gotta come off cool… 

Danger Zone is located at 339 East Ave., free admission, things kick off at 9 p.m.  

PInk Turns Blue

Dredging up sounds I just couldn’t get enough of last night was German born, gothic-leaning Pink Turns Blue. The  band, formed in 1985, opened up doors to influences that hadn’t been opened in my head for years and years.

We’re talking about the Cure, we’re talking about Echo and the Bunnymen, we’re talking about the post-punk drone and grind that incites swirling lace and leather. The sound the band brought with them was darkly cinematic synthetic. Pink Turns Blue is credited for the birth of dark wave, a stye that embraces the bright of the dark.

Here’s a comprehensive list of live shows in and around Rochester: Get Your Gig On

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