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Babe Rainbow

Floral and fragrant with a decidedly ’70s Cosmic Kodachrome kick without the chaos, it’s Babe Rainbow. This Aussie band colors from a palette rich in pastel and pastoral tone, and blissful in mood the band’s tone assails the senses like peaceful surf. It can throw listeners off the trails, leaving them to choose their own illusion. Babe Rainbow is mind-blowing and beautiful.

A psychedelic band formed in Byron Bay, NSW AUS, Babe Rainbow is a throwback aesthetic and as of 2021 had released four full-length albums. The band is a fun fiesta full of curiosity and worthwhile questions from a group that waxes like a pre-Manson Beach Boys.

Babe Rainbow, Photo City Music Hall, Monday, Oct. 17 with guests Seventies Tuberide and hometown heroes, Maybird. Doors 6:30 p.m., $20.

Bee Eater

Bee Eater

You just gotta dig Bee Eater. This is a Rochester supergroup from the late ’90s and early aughts that manages to blow through town at least once a year to remind us just how good their hard rock was … still is, if’n you ask me. With a sort of abbreviated recording output, Bee Eater made their music known the right way with live-in-your-mug sweat fests in little joints around town and the region.

There was the beautiful shriek and giggle of singer Meghan Taylor, tempered by the rest of the band, who once filled the ranks of hard and heavies like Uncle Sam, Black Eyed Rosie, Clyde, the, a-hem, Frantic Flattops and 5Head. Here’s your chance, Sluggo.

Bee Eater plays its Halloween show Oct. 29 with Fuzzrod and the Living Room at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue, 9 p.m.

Show review: Raven

With the fog machine or rather, time machine, preamble, it was like steppin’ back in time as we rolled up on the joint. Me and the Tin Man were there for a bit of deja vu and re-animation. We crossed the threshold and headed for the altar at the other end  of the space where metal legend Raven was just kicking in. With fret-hammering and wailing in three vocal octaves, the band shook off the shackles imposed by almost 50 years playing British metal.

The Gallagher Brothers (not Oasis) formed the trio in Newcastle, breathing life into a style referred to as NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal). Without Raven, there would never have been thrash or speed metal. Raven gave Metallica their first tour, which made a tour stop at the River Boat 46 years ago.

The tour stop this time was at Photo City for an audience resplendent in metal, leather, and denim. The band sounded sooo good: loud but not too loud, head-banged like we were back in time.

Tin Man asked me if I wanted to go to the River Boat where it all went down. I looked at him and smiled.

“Hell, yes.”

We got in my ’81 Caprice and we were gone … gone to hang with the 30 or so fans, the ghosts of rock n’ roll . They were there, waiting for us. We might be dead. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of live shows in and around Rochester: Get Your Gig On

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