Youth workforce program slated to receive funding

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By expanding programming and services for at-risk youth and families, a proposed collaboration of nonprofits is expected to serve as many as 3,800 youth each year. The Hive is slated to receive $5.8 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Led by EnCompass: Resources for Learning, the Hive will increase year-round workforce programming, wraparound services and career placement pathways these populations. The Hive also includes Black Men Achieve, Boys and Girls Club, the Hub585 and Teen Empowerment.

“The Hive is inclusive, equitable, and eliminates barriers to participation,” says Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “These millions of dollars of proposed funding will develop tomorrow’s workforce through an innovative, youth-centered, ‘no walls, no wrong doors, shared focus’ model of layered services for those who need it.

“We want to encourage pathways to success here in Monroe County and we can do that by advancing organizations with proven records of success.”

The Hive Youth Workforce Consortium will equip at-risk young people and families through youth-centered collaboration, shared resources and accessible, quality services. The goal is to make them positive contributors to economic recovery and participate in the growth of the community’s skilled workforce with the necessary resources to live, work and grow in Monroe County, officials say.

“We are resolute that no child, teen, or family be left out of Monroe County’s economic development and recovery and set out to reach and serve youth facing barriers to success and communities experiencing disparities,” says Rebecca Ferri, EnCompass director of development and communications.

Over the next four years, the Hive hopes to equip 15,000 teens for entry into mid- and high-wage careers, co-locating providers and resources and providing academic supports, behavioral health, workforce development services, job training and placements, she adds.

The EnCompass proposal is one of roughly 40 projects in Bring Monroe Back, the county’s plan for ARPA funds. After Legislature approval, the county will enter a contract with EnCompass to begin work next year.

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3 thoughts on “Youth workforce program slated to receive funding

  1. You just know what my response is to the millions assigned to a “rescue” program. First of all, I’m glad that we have these programs, for without them there would be no hope for many. That said……when are we going to take the K-12 educational journey seriously. When are we going to realize that if we do it right, by doing the right thing, the rescue programs would not be needed. Rescue programs are costly and their record of success not that good. Please…..powers to be, get it right the first time around and it will save us millions in funding and spare us the efforts needed. If we can just concentrate on the initial K-12 tour, we would all benefit. Lets teach the way kids learn, lets show them careers and professions, create clubs that include those professions. I realize that absence is a major issue in the RCSD. That said, realize that they might just come to school if we show them the “cool stuff”. Show them that the boring academics are the key to those careers and professions. They all have gifts and we need to help them discover those gifts. That’s what education is all about. It’s NOT that complicated. Show them and they will come. Then teach them and wake up their gifts and innate skills. If you show them books and don’t show them anything else, they lose interest. If you show them the “cool stuff”, it will wake up their curiosity and want for more. Semper Fi.

    • If I understand your response correctly…you have to think out of the box regarding modern-day teaching. That is precisely what we do here at Vertus High School. We have been innovative in creating exciting electives to encourage our students to come to school more. We have barbering, music production, Esports gaming, horticulture, and more. We are trying to change the narrative at Vertus High school. Feel free to call (585)481-4495 and set up a visit.

  2. This is an excellent example of how Monroe County is making a commitment to improve the education of our RCSD Students. The RCSD leadership needs to dramatically increase the connection to Monroe County businesses, philanthropists and leaders to improve the educational experience and learning of our RCSD students. Thank you Encompass and Adam Bello!

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