N.Y. employment keeps pace in 2018

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After lackluster growth since 2010,  preliminary figures suggest that job growth in New York began to look up in 2018. Every state metro added jobs during 2018.

After ranking dead last for the 2010-2017 period, Syracuse posted a 5 percent gain, placing it No. 13 among the largest 100 metros. Rochester’s 4 percent rate of growth placed the metro at No. 41, slightly outpacing New York City at No. 44. Buffalo came in at No. 56 and Albany at No. 73.

Several of New York’s smaller metros did quite well in 2018, outperforming the state’s leading large metros. The Mid-Hudson Valley—Dutchess and Putnam counties—did particularly well, adding 6 percent to its job totals.

Downstate outperforms upstate since recession

Looking at job growth since before the recession (2007), the dominance of New York City and downstate in general is evident.

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