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Do you have a concern that has gone underreported? Or a perspective that is unrepresented?

As documented by academics and other observers—best captured by the poignant title of Robert Putnam’s “Bowling Alone”—many feel the loss of the public square, a place where we can meet and explore our worries and hopes.

COVID-19 brought the demise of the water cooler. Freed from the obligation to commute to a common workplace, we now explore ways to engage without being in the same room. Remember the virtual happy hour?

Local media has long played a role in the market for ideas. The Rochester Beacon was founded partly to address the shrinkage of this intellectual real estate. Since our launch in October 2018, we have welcomed comments submitted in response to articles and other material posted on the Beacon website, and op-ed articles written by members of the Rochester community.

Beginning next week, the Beacon will be adding a new page simply titled “Letters.” This page, which I will moderate, will post unedited contributions from readers—submissions deemed not suitable as a comment or fully developed op-ed. (Writers may be asked to expand or modify their letter for inclusion as an op-ed; see our Contributor Guidelines.)

Our updated Comment Policy applies to all Letters submissions, which should be sent to [email protected]

Kent Gardner is Rochester Beacon opinion editor. The Beacon welcomes comments from readers who adhere to our comment policy including use of their full, real name.

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