ITX acquires Philadelphia firm

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ITX’s team includes web designers, developers and product professionals who build software, websites and other infrastructure. (Photo courtesy of ITX)

With the acquisition of Philadelphia’s SUMO Heavy, ITX has an opportunity to delve deeper into e-commerce.

“When we looked at SUMO Heavy, we saw an opportunity to pick up deep e-commerce knowledge, which is exciting given our existing capabilities in other data-centric industries like financial services and healthcare,” says ITX CEO Ralph Dandrea. “ITX has never been more capable of delivering excellent services to a broad set of organizations with complex needs.”

The Rochester company builds software, websites, mobile applications, intranets and web portals, among other tailored services. These offerings aim to build trust and loyalty among clients and their users.

“We gained new perspectives in our architecture, delivery, product management, sales, and marketing teams,” Dandrea says of the acquisition, adding that the firm was “also excited about the high-quality, long-term relationships the SUMO Heavy team has with its clients. We are already offering a wider breadth of services to SUMO Heavy clients that didn’t exist before, such as UX research and design.”

ITX now employs 300 people worldwide. The acquisition, financial details of which were not disclosed, added 10 employees. While SUMO Heavy has operated remotely since 2020, Dandrea views the presence of employees in the Philadelphia area as a plus. 

“That’s a great tech center with a lot going on, and it will be great to get involved in the community,” Dandrea says.

Founded in 2010 by Bart Mroz and Robert Brodie, SUMO Heavy uses a process-focused approach to deliver scalable enterprise and e-commerce solutions, including custom software products and integrations. Mroz and Brodie join ITX as engagement lead and delivery director, respectively. The SUMO Heavy team will work under the ITX name.

“The special sauce at SUMO Heavy continues to be our focus on creating business outcomes for the customer through process and predictability. ITX operates with the exact same mindset. This is a great fit,” says Mroz, SUMO Heavy’s co-founder and CEO. “ITX is in growth mode, and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

ITX does not publicly disclose its revenue and growth rate. The company has posted double-digit growth over each of the last two years, Dandrea says.

“This acquisition made sense as both firms were seeing growth opportunities through value-added services and bringing our clients the solutions they need,” he adds. “ We are a full-service firm, and we only grow if our clients do.”

Demand for ITX’s full-service offerings in custom software development continues to accelerate, officials say. The addition of SUMO Heavy deepens the local company’s expertise in e-commerce and digital transactions.

“ITX’s mission is to help our clients solve challenging problems so they can move, touch, and inspire the world,” Dandrea says. “SUMO Heavy is equally solutions-oriented, client-centric, and outcome-focused. Our clients–existing, new, and future–can expect service driven by a passion to solve their most challenging technology problems.”

Rochester, he says, will remain an integral part of ITX’s journey.

“We are a healthy, strong, and growing organization that has been rooted in Rochester for 26 years,” Dandrea says. “A quarter of our team is based here. We are grateful to have several long-term relationships with local clients. Rochester is our headquarters. We are committed to growing here.”

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