Recent Stories

Loomis Street standoff

A new lawsuit aims to prevent the city of Rochester from clearing a homeless encampment on Loomis Street. City officials say, however, that they are engaged in an outreach effort to help those who lack housing.

‘Somewhere’ comes to Geva

The complex story of a Puerto Rican family in the 1950s that loves to dance will be accompanied by a new “Mondays at Geva” series.

The Mucci years at Paychex 

Tomorrow, Martin Mucci will step down as CEO of Paychex, handing the reins to John Gibson. In an interview with the Beacon, he reflects on his dozen years leading one of Rochester’s top employers and most successful homegrown businesses.

ESL aims to play key role in ARPA process

The financial institution’s community impact team is sharing ideas on the American Rescue Plan Act with government partners and examining ways to offer complementary funding.

Catching up around town

For a full spectrum of sounds, check out Susanna Rose at the Little Theatre Cafe, Tuesday Pipes at Christ Church and the new Danger Zone.

Redrawn battle lines

Redistricting has brought an extra dose of unpredictability to some key Rochester-area elections this year.