The Beacon finishes its first year

Since launching on Oct. 18, 2018, the Rochester Beacon has built a substantial readership by staying true to its mission. Second-year goals include expanded coverage and achieving long-term sustainability.

Board denies Moore’s 20th bid for parole

James Moore, New York’s longest-serving inmate, has been in prison since pleading guilty in 1963 to the murder of a Penfield teenager. Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley submitted a petition opposing his release.

A beneath-the-surface solution

Her own experience in the operating room convinced surgeon Paula Doyle of the need for a tool that would allow doctors to see what is under the surface of body tissue. The firm she co-founded, EndoGlow, has developed a product to do just that.

The public defenders’ burden

For 25 years, Julie Cianca has represented indigent clients facing charges ranging from misdemeanors to murder. Now, new state standards could mean even heavier caseloads for Cianca and her colleagues in the Monroe County Public Defender’s Office.