Why leaders should avoid the ego trap

Whether in business or government, ego-driven leaders focus on short-term, selfish gain versus the long-term, common good. Effective, ethical leadership is grounded in empathy and caring.

A gathering of feminist pragmatists

A philosophy colloquium sponsored by St. John Fisher and RIT puts the spotlight on Rochester’s heritage in the feminist movement and a commitment to learning from and supporting those who are most vulnerable to exploitation.

Xerox makes bid for HP

Palo Alto-based HP confirmed it has received an offer from the much-smaller Xerox, which reportedly offered to pay a premium over HP’s current share price.

Hot on the trail of a scourge

URMC research scientist Irfan Rahman is relentlessly pursuing clues that might help explain the growing number of vaping-related lung injuries and determine the long-term effects of inhaling vaporized oil.

Economists’ inflation conundrum

Economic changes such as the growth of free services make our “tape measure” of price movements—traditional inflation statistics—unreliable.